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Clément Monet
(Commemorative trophy)
(Donated by Peter McDougall)
Clement MonetClement Monet (1926 – 2011) was a pillar of our yacht club CVSYC for over 30 years. He was involved in every project, every race and every task. He was always present to welcome, advise, assist and guide each and every member of the club.
Clément participated on the Board in several functions and was Commodore upon several occasions. He was forever available with his expertise to help the club and its members; whether for promotion, improvements, repairs, racing advice or welcoming newcomers.
As well, he was forever a happy, laughing, positive participant in much friendly, beer drinking get together.

He was a patron and a champion.
The trophy consists of the World Clock issued by the Royal Geographical Society in 1980 in limited edition. The clock has a 15 jewel movement by Arthur Imhof SA of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, and the globe is embellished with 24 karat gold.
This trophy was donated to the club by Clément’s good friend Peter McDougall as a memoriam to one of our greatest members, much loved by all.
As of 2012, this trophy is awarded to the winner of the Rum Runner Race. This race, from our end of the lake to the westerly end and back, is held early in the season to open up our lake. It has long been an important club tradition, one that was dear to the heart of Clément.
The club Championship Cup
Coupe du championnatFred Holsher and Bob Forest presented this superb trophy in 1985 as a replacement for the Annual Regatta Trophy presented by Bob Legge in 1977. The trophy for the Annual Regatta mysteriously disappeared around 1980. The champioship is awarded to the winner of the most series during the season. A new base has been added in 2009 to honour winnners of latter years.
Spring Series
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Club acquired this trophy in 1977. For several years, it was known as the"Frozen Feet" trophy and attributed to the winner of the last series of Wednesday Evening races. It is now attributed to to the winner of the Spring Series of Wednesday Evening races.

In 2010, the Club had the trophy renovated so as ro provide additional space for future winners.
Trophée Taylor-BaileyThe Club's first Commodore, Witham Taylor-Bailey, presented this trophy chiming the eight bells. For many years it was the most highly prized trophy and the competition for it was intense. Initially it was raced for in 12.5 foot Graduate center-boarders and it seems appropriate that it became a Laser II racer trophy for a long while. It is now awarded for the Summer Wednesday Evening Series for all categories. It is still highly prized for its wonderful eight bells chime.
Coupe DillighamThe Dillingham Challenge Cup was presented to the Club by Frank H. Dillingham in 1965 for Wednesday Evening Racing. With time and numerous winnings, a new base had to be added in 1987 but this base will have to be redone shortly for the coming years. It is now awarded to the winner of the Twilight Wednesday Evening Series for all categories
2010 This trophy is being refurbished to improve its appearance and to create space for future winners.
Série John ScholefieldThe Scholefield family offered this trophy to the club in 2006 following the tragic death of John. He always was a dedicated racer and his boat "Clipper" knew little else than to curb buoys and fly a spinnaker. It is awarded to the winner of the John Scholefield series replacing the late Frost-bite Series.
Course contre le cancerRichard Dick Marshall presented this trophy in 1982 in memorial to his brother Bill. It has been awarded ever since to the winner of an annual fund raising pursuit regatta opened to racers of all clubs. It has generated thousands of dollars for research against cancer. All Clubs have recognized this race held on the first Saturday of July as the annual event of the CVSYC.
Commodore's trophy
Trophée du CommodoreBartlett Morgan presented this handsome trophy to the club in 1964. It was awarded for many years to the overall winner of the Saturday Series. A new base was added in 2005. It is now awarded to the winner of the annual Commodore's race.
The Victor-Birks Trophy
Trophée Victor BirksVictor Birks presented this trophy in 1962 for annual competition. For many years it was awarded to the most successful skipper within the high handicap group. It is now awarded for special Saturday races for all handicaps.
The Pasold Cup
Coupe PasoldIngo Pasold presented this cup in 1966. It was awarded each year to the winner of a special fun race that Ingo generally organized himself. He usually used greatly modified handicaps that so penalized the consistent racers that it was safely awarded to a novice racer. It is now currently awarded to the best upcoming novice racer.
The Bentley-Thomas Trophy
Trophée Thomas-BentleyThe Bentley-Thomas Trophy was donated in 2005 by the Saint Lawrence Valley Yacht Racing Association (SLVYRA) to be awarded to the most persistent racer during a season. The Verdun Sailing Club originally presented it to the association in 1949 for their annual regatta of the time. It is now awarded to the most persistent novice racer of the season, according to the Club Race Committee and approved by the Executive Committee. It is sometimes awarded to the winner of a special Saturday race
Tri-Club trophy
This trophy was presented by J. B. Daoust Inc. for inter-club competition between Baie d"Urfé Yacht Club, Ile Perrot Yacht Club and Senneville Yacht Club. Each year one of these three clubs organized the Tri-Club Race. In past years the trophy was awarded to the Club to which the the winning skipper belonged. Since 1988, the high cost of navigating through the locks put an end to the idea and the trophy stayed in the hands of the last winner instead of in our archives.
It is only in 2010 that our search found the trophy securely held by IPYC. We will arrange to re-instate this inter-club race one way or the other.