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Sailing on Two-Mountains

Carte du lac prés du pont

Here is the part of the lake that is most frequented by sailors. There is lots of space and the winds are regular from all directions. It is also an area where the waves from motor boats could be bothersome. Sailboats are of course more at ease.

The depths are in feet.

Sailing in front of our club Vaudreuil Bay

Carte du Lac Vaudreuil

You have only an hour or two to sail, or you don’t want to go past the bridge?

Here is an area, somewhat compressed, but full of excellant sailing possibilities for a few hours. It will also help you to develope your navigational abilities. The area offers a minimum depth of 4 feet at zero datum.

This is not a navagational chart. You should transfer the information onto your most recent official chart noting the landmarks shown, or by adding your own.

The chart is shown in feet. Yours may be in meters.

Good sailing