Founder deeds

A task over ten years.

In 1969, Russell Park formed a committee of three members with a mandate to update the regulations of the Senneville Yacht Club. Tom Donald, Bob Legge and Kock Hove took the initiative to make a projection of the increase in members, revenues and expenses. The provision for the increase in members was correct, however, as far as the budget forecast goes, the inflation of the late 1970’s could not have been foreseen.

The spirit of cooperation.

It is evident that our club would not exist if not for the cooperation and efforts of each and every member. All this passion, love of nature and fresh air, this love of life (a bit like our forebears) without regard to differences, has allowed our club and harbour to flourish. Congratulations to all. It is impossible to not mention others who have left their imprint on our club.

Étienne Dubreuil and Richard Walker, authors of the history, the First 25 Years.

Gordon Campbell, for many harbour improvements, such as the launching winch, our first floating derrick and his hanger which still serves us as a storage shed.

Ewen Orr, a very active member, who instructed members in the intricate handling of dinghy sailboats. Drummond McCall, where he worked, provided us with two aluminum gangways which are still being used. In 1962, the first women’s committee was founded by Ann, Ewen’s wife.

Bob Legge, legal advisor to the club over several years.

Sara Swan, first leader of the women’s committee, and all those women who added not only their labour for the club but also their creativity, imagination and their efforts to provide a pleasant and warm atmosphere to the club.

Anneke Prat, who in the early years, took care of the flowers around the site.

Marcel Corthésy for the construction of the lawn chairs.

Jacques Leblance, who in the years 1980 to 1981 worked non-stop for House & Grounds.

Doug Ball for his two years as Commodore, and for his efforts, enthusiasm and successes in the holding of regattas.

Ingo Pasold for his implication. He convinced the contractor for the new Veteran’s Hospital to transport and dump excavated rock material on site to level it and to improve the substructure of the parking area. He oversaw the carrying out of many improvements and harbour structures and along with Chuck Mathieu did an excellant job of maintaining the club’s boats.

As you can see, this has been a brief resumé of all the talent available to us over the years. Many helped us without thought of remuneration; authorities, members and non-members alike, contractors, businesses – the efforts of all together to accomplish common goals.

Thank you to all, and we are convinced that the same spirit will persist in the years to come.


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