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A word from the Commodore

We can be proud of our club!

The peacefulness of the place and the special character of our Club House make the Club an exceptional site for sailing enthusiasts.  But it is a unique place thanks to the Members and the cooperative spirit that is center to our organization.

In fact, volunteer work and the mutual aid spirit are a basis of our Club.  Therefore, each member’s involvement in the various chores is essential to ensure the enjoyment of the site and to ensure that we maintain a welcoming harbour.  Each member is encouraged to participate in the Club’s life by contributing to the various committees and activities.  The Board of Directors counts on a dedicated team to ensure that operations, planning and management of the Club take place, so that we can all enjoy the best possible sailing season.

I wish to thank every member, officer and the committee managers for their participation to the life and the evolution of our Club.

Have a great sailing season!

Pierre Boursier


Here is a list of some general information that can better guide you.

THE CLUBHOUSE is reserved exclusively for club members and their guests.

You have at your disposal: stoves, fridges, freezer, microwaves, etc. You can leave your food, clearly identified with your name, in the fridge during the time you are at the club. Dishes, cutlery, and pots are furnished and must be washed, dried and put away after each use. There should never be dishes left in the sinks. The Clubhouse is not available for private usage during spring and fall operations.

The clubhouse can be reserved for personal use, on weekdays only. A request must be made to the Administrative Council, one month in advance.

HARBOUR unless an emergency, no boat will be tolorated under sail.

THE BBQ’s are at your disposal. Our concierge André will be happy to change the propane tank or supply the charcoal.

ICE is available for $2.00 per bag.   You will find a box to put your money in at the ice fridge under the patio.

TABLECLOTHS AND LINENS must be placed in the clubhouse laundry basket once they are soiled. Our concierge will take care of the laundry.


THE RADIO must be turned on to channel 68, in case a member is having difficulty. 24/24

THE SERVICE BOATS are locked, but are available for use in case of emergency. The keys are on the board, near the radio.   After a rainfall, we are all responsible to empty these boats, so they remain ready for use.

DRESS CODE, shoes and shirts is a must,( NUDE BELLY IS A NONO  )

CHILDREN must wear a flotation vest and be accompanied by an adult whenever they are on the pier or the docks.

DOGS and other pets must be on a leash or kept on your boat.

YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD can be used as identification in getting you accepted, free of charge, at other clubs. Details are at the clubhouse.

THE USE OF BBQ ON BORD is stricly forbidden in the harbour or any other area its use could affect security and wel-being of members.

L’ESCALE” MAGAZINE is automatically sent to senior members. The subscription for new members is done regularly.

SAILBOATS FOR SALE can be posted on our WEB site, free of charge. Signs on the boat will not be tolerated.

GARBAGE must be placed in the trash container. Please take all hazardous waste back with you for disposal according to the guidelines of your community. Let’s keep our club clean.

RECYCLE BINS please use them only for recycling Paper, Plastic and Glass, Drink Cans….

WORKING ON YOUR SAILBOAT is permitted as long as it is dry-docked and covered with a tarpaulin. These measures are necessary to protect the neighbouring boats and property from noxious debris and stains. At all times, the cleaning of the site remains your responsibility.

The use of risky material, such as paint or solvents, will not be tolerated in the port’s interior. An accidental spillage of your product in the water could be catastrophic for the environment and also other sailboats …

TURTLES come out of the lake around the end of June. They adopt our club as a place to lay their eggs. Please do not pick them up or try to put them back in the water. They are completely inoffensive. You will also find them on the parking, so keep your eyes open.

FISHING AND SWIMMING IN THE PORT are strictly forbidden, overall security situation.

SOCIAL ACTIVITIES. Volunteer members organize these events for your enjoyment. A prompt response to an invitation, either positive or negative, is greatly appreciated.

HALYARDS AND SHEETS whistle and tap against the mast when the wind blows. In response to a general request, please attach your halyards to the mast or shrouds, so we can have a peaceful port. Let’s respect those who sleep on their boats.

NOTIFICATION OF A PROLONGED ABSENCE must be given to the harbour master. Please park your vehicle away from frequently used areas.

THE ENTRANCE GATE must be secured at the end of the day. As a safety precaution, confirm the presence of other members to decide whether or not to lock the gate.

OUR BULLETIN BOARDS AND WEB SITE are updated regularly with the latest news. You can rely on these to plan your participation in the various races and activities.

Here are some helpful telephone numbers for the region:

CLSC Lac St-Louis                 514 697-4110                     Boathouse                 81 00 361-2966

STAT Care                             514 694-9282                     Ste-Anne Marine      514 457-3456

Poison Control Centre         800 463-5060                     Ruisseau Marine      514 425-2355

Police                                     911                            St-Hubert BBQ          514 385-5555

Coast Guard                          *16                             Pizzeria Mikis            514 457-9559

Marine Rescue                     1 800 463-4393      Clubhouse                 514 457-8645

Taxis CO-OP                         514 636-6666                     Janitor                                   514 363-3981

Public Transit                                  514 287-TRAM